"We're all going on a European Tour..."

"We're all going on a European Tour..."

What a few weeks it has been at SLC! The football season is back and we have already seen some incredible scenes, some unbelievable limbs and certainly some chaos in the stands! Preston at Bristol City, Bristol City at Millwall, Oldham at Chesterfield and Liverpool at Newcastle all come to mind. I am sure you are screaming at your screen because we haven't mentioned your team - sorry. 

At the time of writing, West Ham, Brighton and Newcastle are all eagerly awaiting their opponents in the group stages of The Champions League and Europa League. These draws are happening tomorrow. And, Aston Villa are all be guaranteed a spot in The Conference League group stage after winning their first leg 5-0 at Hibs. T-shirts for all 4 clubs are available here. Liverpool, Arsenal, Man City and Man U fans, would you be interested in a similar style tee?

We are hoping to add more products to the store before Christmas (it is mental we are talking about Christmas in August but the supermarkets are already stocking up) and we will try to keep you all updated with blog updates as we go.

Until the next 94th minute winner....

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